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We stock a large inventory of JBL Parts. Listed are the most common. If you don't see something you need, please contact us.
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JBL Parts

JBL-053TI HF Driver Assy, JBL LSR28P  $80.00
JBL-2412H HF Driver Assy, JBL EON    $74.00
JBL-330519-001 Crossover Assy   $65.00
JBL-330729-001 Crossover Assy   $61.00
JBL-330862-001 HF Driver for JBL 6208 $58.00
JBL-C5002 HF Driver, JBL Control 5 $40.00
JBL-D16R2450 Diaphragm for 2447J $174.00
JBL-D8R035TIA Diaphragm, JBL LSR28P $34.00
JBL-D8R2416-1 Diaphragm $124.00
JBL-D8R2417 Diaphragm  $112.00
JBL-D8R2418 Diaphragm JBL EON 15HF $70.00

Yamaha NS10 parts

Yamaha NS10/10M Tweeter $90.00
Yamaha NS10/10M Woofer $90.00

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