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Roland Space Echo replacement tape

Replacement tape loop for Roland Space Echo RT-1E.

Includes loading instructions.

Moog S-Trigger to ¼” cable  

NOS AC cable for Wurlitzer/Arp instruments  
Old-style oval 3-pin round connector.


The Power Chord active cable

“...Discerning musicians and recording studio are going to love this.”
-The Music and Sound Retailer

The P.-PAC’s(tm) active circuitry in the Power Chord(tm)
  compensates for instrument deficiencies (pickups, tone controls and cables), curving the spectural response to boost those musical sounds while suppressing harshness. We use no feedback loops in EQ circuitry, and particular emphasis was put on transient shaping. Pre-programmed response curves were developed after years of working with top professional musicians.

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